What Audience?

Until this week, I did not think about different audiences that could possibly view my posts regarding various sports news; personally, I just considered it only my classmates viewing my work. I decided to better answer this question I reflected on my previous blog posts rather than process posts. This was where I would find my form of writing being targeted to a broad group of individuals. I found that within my writing that I wrote in a tone that possibly targeted more towards those who considered themselves fans of sports but who did not keep up consistently. I found this was the targeted audience as I found myself using specific language and restricted from diving into sports analysis as this can drive away casual viewers.

This has been the primary concept around Sports Recap as this approach of unformal, and unanalytical writing to reviewing news around the different major leagues of sports allows for more readers to tune in each week. Yet this idea of writing in this manner still does not answer the question of who I thought my writing was for other than my fellow classmates; now, reflecting on writing this post, I believe I was writing for anyone. Whether you know nothing about sports or know everything, Sports Recap posts are readable and provide relevant information rather than putting in unneeded statistics. Therefore, to answer what audience I imagined reading my weekly posts regarding sports, I believe it’s similar to who views my Instagram posts or Tweets, anyone who pleases. I believe this makes writing weekly freer and open-ended as I am not constricted to certain concepts.


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