Making an online space that everyone feels welcomed is a difficult task where individuals view things from entirely different areas; some cannot process others while others seek to understand. A controversial area within this area related to the Sports Recaps theme of sports is transgender individuals playing in sports. Or even women who are deemed too masculine to participate in female sports categories by different committees. Through Sports Recap, I do not want only to explain what is going on in transports, but as mentioned, transmedia showcases stories and displays goals achievable for the website (Kevinbrittneylauren 2013). As found in Bryce Renninger, those who are asexual do not have many spaces on the internet where they feel they belong or are allowed (Renninger 2014).

Through reading these articles, I understood that there are very few spaces for individuals such as those who are Asexual as they cannot express how they feel openly or may not belong. Games such as Pokémon or websites like Tumbler allow this as there is no sense of judgment and anonymity. Incorporating trans sports news would be challenging because there was little to nothing regarding possible leagues; an idea was generated while reading through the different articles. The idea was to create a separate post or page for resources; these resources would include leagues that transgender individuals could join to participate in sports with no judgment. Through these resources, individuals may be able to find more places where they feel a sense of belonging and links to resources regarding the topic of transgender individuals playing in recreational sports that are not advertised for transgender.


Bryce J Renninger. 2014. “‘Where I can be myself … where I can speak my mind’: Networked counterpublics in a polymedia environment.” new media & society 2013. “Pokemon as transmedia storytelling.

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