Search Engine Optimization

When creating content, the creator must be aware of who their audience is in order to retain users on their sites. An individual can look at targeted content similar to targeted adverts in monetization; users feel more inclined to click on topics that appeal to them. To help gain users, websites can look to search engine optimization (SEO); as discussed in Sam Hollingsworth’s article, SEO’s are crucial. SEO’s improve not only the user’s experience on the website, but also improves how well the website comes up on different search engines on the internet (Hollingsworth 2018). As Hollingsworth explains, there are multiple factors that help a site become more recognizable to engines like Google and Yahoo, yet the most important factor is time (Hollingsworth 2018).

An individual’s experience on the website will help improve the website’s exposure due to word of mouth; if more individuals are recommending the site to others, more are likely to visit. To help build this pleasurable viewing experience for individuals, they must become familiar with the site’s layout and blog posting schedule; as time progresses, posts can be uploaded more frequently. For SEO to be beneficial in Sports Recap, a greater audience is needed as major news outlets will consistently outperform smaller outlets on major stories due to their optimization level.

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