For peer review two, my classmate Fiona Maguire reviewed my website, and you can find my review of her website here. Reading through Fiona’s review, she liked how inviting the website was for a new user and how easy it is to navigate during her visit. Simplicity was one of the main goals for developing Sports Recap; I wanted the user not to feel overwhelmed like traditional sports websites where tons of information is thrown at the individual. Fiona complements the photos chosen for the different articles posted on the website and claims they suit the website nicely. One implementation that Fiona recommended is incorporating my thoughts and more statistics from the games or sports being reviewed. Fiona believes this will help establish my online presence; as I agree with this statement, I look to incorporate this form of writing to help create a network of like-minded individuals. In Danah Boyd’s article “Searching for a public of their own”, Boyd mentions how teens create networked publics (Boyd 2014). These creation of publics are for individuals who are looking for a space that helps connect themselves with others with the same shared interests, similar to an online video game lobby (Boyd 2014). This is often done through different forms of social media such as Reddit forums, Instagram pages and or Twitter accounts, and this is what I look to do with the followers of Sports Recap. Through these network publics, individuals find a sense of others allowing themselves to talk about what they are interested in with another individual, which is hard to do at times but especially in a pandemic (Boyd 2014).

Boyd, D. (2014). Searching for a public of their own. Retrieved from’s-complicated-8-searching-for-a-public-of-their

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