Process Post Week 3

The blog idea had been created, but now I had the most challenging task yet, making a name for the blog; I thought about multiple ideas that included an aspect of my name, yet ultimately decided against it. I came up with Sports Recap for one main reason, the idea that the blog posts would be posted at the end of the week rather than a continuous stream of posts throughout. When designing the Sports Recap website, I went into it with a blank slate and decided to plan around my capabilities of navigating WordPress. My only experience with WordPress was during high school for a small project that involved creating a website for a company, this short stint of experience provided no help this time around. The website’s concept was to make it visually appealing to the viewers’ eyes; with this in mind, I did not want to use the traditional theme of various news stories being on the home page. I tried multiple themes and could not settle on one that I loved; it could’ve been the fact that I had no idea what I was looking for, or I was immensely picky. Then I thought to myself, why settle, find a theme that suits what I need. I consider the visuals on a website a crucial aspect; if a website feels too busy, I stray away. I wanted to stay away from the traditional sports website concept, such as TSN who has live banners on every page, which I feel distracts the viewer from the actual content. I decided that Melos eNews theme fit the criteria I was looking for; the homepage is simple yet allows for room for creativity. On top of this simplistic design, the theme was simple for myself to create on.

Creating a logo was next on my to-do list, this process I thought was going to be simple as once again I wanted something simplistic, yet that stood out. The arrows underneath Sports Recap I envisioned as a continuous line representing the endless opportunities that are possible with the blog. Throughout the process of designing logos for the different pages of Sports Recap, I started to gain the feeling of creating a legitimate cyberinfrastructure for myself. For the first time in my four years of undergrad, I felt like I was working towards something for myself rather than for a professor, as Campbell claimed higher education has failed students in this way (Campbell 2009, para.6). Through building Sports Recap, I felt like this was the first step of creating a digital citizenship, as I was learning the ways of posting on a blog rather than traditional Instagram (Watters 2015, para.14).


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