When thinking about future advertisement opportunities, nothing came to mind other than the traditional route of google ad-sense; this essentially would be the easiest route for monetization yet would likely produce little to no yield. Listening to guest speaker Trevor Battye’s comment on my classmates’ potential of advertising ideas came to mind for Sports Recap. The concept of the site is sports; therefore, a sponsorship could be made with sports accessories. There is no need at this stage of the website to gain a massive advertisement or sponsor; instead, targeting smaller companies with the same vision can produce a significant yield in return. Rather than doing the crowdsourced funding, I believed this would be a more beneficial form of generating an income off Sports Recap. The reviews would not compromise the website’s integrity by providing false reviews rather providing readers with authentic reviews of trendy sports accessories. Reading through Tom Bleymaier’s article reviewing Maria Popova’s actions, I quickly learned how messy referral links could become for a writer, yet Popova’s actions were misleading (Bleymaier 2013). The use of Amazon’s affiliation links is quite beneficial as the individual can gain up to 10% of the buyer’s purchase, rather than just on the individual item linked (Bleymaier 2013). Without sponsorships, I could produce income myself; I could create a page or multiple posts highlighting different things that I have bought myself in the past to gain a better fan experience. Although this is not the traditional form of monetization with more individuals using Amazon for bulk orders, this could generate a healthy revenue with a growing following.

Tom Bleymaier. 2013.  On Advertising – Maria Popvova

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