Mapping It Out

Process Post: Week 3

I figured designing Sports Recap’s website would be one of the more entertaining portions of the whole process as it was something I was not familiar with. Debating between how I wanted my home page to be from where the different tabs would be placed within the page all made me think long term and re-visit websites I personally like. I found that a simplistic non-cluttered homepage suited my liking the best, I figured when new users would click on the site they would not become overwhelmed with multiple stories on the home page and can navigate as they like. Keeping it simple and clean is the goal within the way an individual navigates the site therefore individuals can quickly get to where they want as they please.

I had to decide if I wanted to focus on individual teams within the different leagues or approach the sports world with an open mind. I concluded that rather than doing what I already do with keeping myself updated with a handful of teams, to look at the news within the different leagues as a whole, to be unbiased. This unbiased opinion is often lacking within media outlets because reporters being assigned to teams around the leagues, following an NHL team for 12 months can create a level of attachment for anyone. Therefore, reporters often overlook certain aspects of how the game is played due to the bond they have created with the players off the ice when analyzing trades or controversial games. This decision led me to conclude that I did not need to make separate pages and categories for the different teams I follow; rather, I just post under blogs, and individuals can read which topics please them.

Simplicity is why I chose Twitter as my first social media platform to be public on, Twitter allows me to publish news by just typing it out, whereas on Instagram I must find a suitable picture to go alongside the post. Twitter will be a crucial element within the blog’s success as it will be able to generate a greater audience due to the strong hashtag function and the trending page within the website. Yet the reason the actual content will remain on the blog’s website itself is due to twitter only allowing 140 characters a tweet, and individuals may stray away from long length tweets and posts. Twitter allows for individuals to embed links within their tweets whereas Instagram lack this feature, pages often have to include the link within their bio of their post taking away a possible audience due to this extra step. I plan on including another tab within the top of the page for tweets surrounding the topics of sports, therefore individuals can visit that page while they are on the site to learn what others are talking about. I think that incorporating a social media aspect to the site is crucial, as individuals within the sports community are very vocal, individuals like to have their opinions seen, and this feature highlights that.

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