End of the Internet?

Thinking about this question is freighting; arguably, my whole life has been in the internet era; therefore, I really do not know how life is without it. Older generations may argue that this is what is wrong with today’s generation as we are too invested in social media, but it’s bigger than just liking posts and scrolling endlessly away. The internet allows me to connect with my family, who is spread out in different time zones; as confusing as the internet is, it makes life simple; I can communicate when convenient for myself rather than staying up to make a call to catch up. The internet allows me to get the news at my fingertips on my phone whenever I want; the internet is much more than just social media. This makes the question scary, but the first thing I would do is head to social media to see the truth behind this statement and see if I really do need to panic. After finding out that this news is true, I would head to Instagram to see what memes are being made about the situation to reveal some of the tension. After this, I would try to find ways to pirate all my favourite music as music is an essential thing in my day to day life. Following this, I would head to Google Chrome and write down all the passwords saved to my google account as I do not remember any of my passwords for the life of me. As small as this list above is, I believe that’s all I could truly accomplish in an hour; I would probably spend most of it looking at memes as it would be the last time ever I could do so on the internet.

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