As mentioned before in previous posts, my website’s simplicity is something I wanted to achieve, as I personally believe a crowded website makes new users stray away. Yet the website design needed to be intuitive, therefore on the header, a visitor will see little drop-down arrows in areas where drop-down menus are applicable. These arrows can be described as affordances as they provide the user with what Norman describes as clues; when hovering over the menu, the drop-down menu appears in the way the arrow faces (Norman 1988 as cited in Kaptelinin n.d para 11). The addition to the right side of the blog pages of recent posts and comments showcase another form of affordances; when hovering over the different titles and comments, an additional colour text appears. The new colour of text allows the user to see what part of the title is clickable as it appears in a teal colour compared to the standard grey; these two forms of affordance allow a user a more friendly interface.

The simplistic design on “Sports Recap” is different from traditional sporting news websites, aforementioned in previous posts, websites such as TSN have a lot going on at first glance. Some individuals may follow this design as TSN has produced much success within the realm of sports reporting; this is as being original may make a company lose traction as it is seen as a missed opportunity (Gertz 2015, para.27). I believe a lot of this taking ideas comes subconsciously; individuals see designs they like and believe in and recreate them either with their own spin. Affordances are similar, as car handles are universal. Individuals see a handle and know what to do, yet when cars such as McLaren and Lamborghini implement new designs, others follow as these companies are at the top of design in the car world. These new handles can be seen in Tesla’s and many other lower price cars as individuals feel like they are in a more luxury vehicle due to these small yet significant changes in affordances.


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