Peer Review 3

Upon first glance at my peer review partner Karlo Kablar’s website name “The Design Document,” I was unsure what designs Karlo could write about. Yet, upon arrival of the website, I was excited to see it was about game design. The website’s home page is clean yet includes crucial aspects that will get any individual looking for content to read about. Karlo’s use of a quote about imagination suits the site well as it is all about designs and that comes from one’s vision. First, I will be overlooking Karlo’s content and then reviewing the design of the website with a focus on how marketable Karlo’s website is to the intended audience.

Starting with the website’s content, I headed to Karlo’s process post regarding the audience that has been imagined for the site, and this would give me a better understanding of Karlo’s process for the rest of the site. Reading through the post, I realized that Karlo and I have a similar vision for our audiences; both want our posts not to be over complicated so the content can reach more individuals. Transitioning the blog posts of the website, I appreciate that his first post is an introduction to how to start a game’s design; this allows a theme to be built over the weeks as Karlo can walk the user through various steps. I appreciate that Karlo brings in different game designs to showcase the other elements Karlo believes creates the perfect game level.

Karlo’s website marketability has great potential due to different things. First, Karlo captures his reader well throughout the various blog posts; as stated, Karlo targets the individual entering the realm of designing video games. Karlo himself seems to be quite relatable to those entering this world due to his work experience that he outlines in his About Me section as an aspiring game developer. I believe that the Amazon referral program could be significant for Karlo’s website; as highlighted in Tom Bleymaier’s article, the user can gain up to 10% of an individual’s order (Bleymair 2013). The program can be utilized by Karlo showcasing specific technology and programs he uses day to day as a developer; a simple Amazon link can generate healthy revenue. As Karlo’s website develops further, Karlo could reach out to indy games looking to review and provide feedback on where they could change things; through this, he could establish a reputation for finding great indy games.

Overall, Karlo’s website is off to a great start to a future that could consist of multiple brand deals leading to a greater audience. I believe adding a personalized list of tech and favourite games would make his website attract even more users. I look forward to seeing what Karlo brings to his website in the future!

Tom Bleymaier. 2013.  On Advertising – Maria Popvova

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