After listening to guest lecturer Mauvé Page, elements about different websites I tend to visit came to mind; I started to think, do websites I frequently visit follow these same design traits that Mauvé recommended.


As mentioned before in previous posts, my website’s simplicity is something I wanted to achieve, as I personally believe a crowded website makes new users stray away. Yet the website design needed to be intuitive, therefore on the header, a visitor will see little drop-down arrows in areas where drop-down menus are applicable

Peer Review 1

My partner for the first peer review is Eleni Papadoulis, whose website is titled Exquisitely Eleni; I like the website’s name as it ties in with the theme of being inside Eleni’s mind. Diving into the different blog posts will be something new for me as I am not used to reading about mental health, self-development

Mapping It Out

Process Post: Week 3 I figured designing Sports Recap’s website would be one of the more entertaining portions of the whole process as it was something I was not familiar with. Debating between how I wanted my home page to be from where the different tabs would be placed within the page all made me