Dak Is Back

The long-awaited question of what will happen to (QB) Dak Prescott has been answered; Prescott was injured during week 5 of the 2020-2021 NFL season. Prescott was carried off the field with a fractured and dislocated right ankle; Prescott has undergone multiple surgeries during his time off to help his recovery. Prescott was playing on this year with a franchise tag contract during the season due to not reaching a fair agreement in Prescott’s team’s eyes, who wanted more money. The Cowboys had only won four of the remaining eleven games in the season, landing them out of the playoffs. Many pointed to the injury of Prescott being the reason the team struggled as their offence struggled. Prescott and the Cowboys have agreed to a massive record-breaking contract totalling $160 million, with $126 million guaranteed partially due to a $66 million as a signing bonus. In his first year, Prescott’s contract brings $75 million to his wallet; this move was made to help with the Cowboys’ salary cap issues in the future; the contract includes a no-trade clause which may hurt the Cowboys.

The decision to include a no-trade clause is interesting because Prescott is coming off a season-ending injury. Although during Prescott’s five seasons, the quarterback has showcased his worth by taking the team to the postseason in 2016 and 2018. The type of injury that Prescott endured could be career-altering, as the injury that occurred with his foot, Prescott’s running and throwing skills may be significantly limited. Prescott may be limited to running the ball in scramble situations as the fear of the foot being tweaked again is heightened. Yet many are still happy with the move to lock in Prescott with such an expensive contract due to fans believing he was robbed during the past season as the parties could not reach an agreement.

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